We are incredibly proud of our people. They are all high-achievers that represent the best and the brightest minds. Not only that, but they are driven to create an impact. We take immense pride in building a vast and growing network of change-makers that get a kick out of making the world a better place.




Each year, the Melbourne Microfinance Initiative scopes more projects (with repeat and new NPO clients alike) and student engagement events in line with our impact-focused vision. To that end, we continue to recruit the most passionate and driven university students to our ever-expanding sub-committee.

Our organisational structure has always been founded on two main divisions: Operations and Initiatives. Our Operations portfolios focus on organising events at campus to further professional development and awareness about the opportunities that exist in social impact sphere amongst students all over Australia.

Our Initiatives teams, on the other hand, are the lifeblood of what our club is all about. They work on year-long consulting projects in collaboration with NFPs all over Southeast Asia and Australia. Initiative projects provide a space where students can apply their knowledge and skills to urgent organisational problems in order to create real, tangible impact.



Our Executive Team

Jeanette Chan - President

Jeanette Chan - President






People and Culture


Sponsorship and Partnership

Global Microfinance Case Competition


National Affairs


Initiatives Project Leaders

Initiatives Consultants

Additional Team Members:

Jessica Tang - Initiatives Project Leader

Jade Vergara - Initiatives Consultant

Yana Gourevitch - Initiatives Consultant

Shashank Brahmavar - Initiatives Consultant

Shamak Tiwatane - Initiatives Consultant