Initiatives Consulting

At the heart of MMI is our belief in sustainable, real-world social impact. By providing pro-bono consulting services to underserved Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), we aim to solve their organisational challenges and have a tangible impact on improving the lives of underprivileged communities. As a student organisation, we empower students to catalyze meaningful change by using their business acumen to solve real world problems and help our clients reach those most in need.


Our core product offerings

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Social impact surveying

For a microfinance institution to evaluate its effectiveness and impact on clients, they need to formulate and implement a social impact survey.

MMI is able to assist in both stages of developing a social impact survey, and is able to complete research into the effectiveness and appropriateness of surveys. 

We qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate the social impact generated by microfinance institutions on the community. We also seek to assist in the implementation of strategies that allow them to identify and respond to the need of their clients.


credit risk assessment

For a microfinance institution, effectively managing credit risk is a critical determinant of their success or failure. Without it, microfinance institutions can become financially unviable.

MMI is able to assist in streamlining and strengthening the approach to loan administration, and to ensure that microfinance institutions are able to continue serving the community with the greatest social impact.

We provide detailed and comprehensive credit risk management policy review. We also seek to provide best-practice benchmarking and credit-scoring systems development to give clients a diverse array of insights and recommendations.


market entry due diligence

For a microfinance institutions, expanding into new markets is an exciting opportunity with potential to further social impact in the community. Nonetheless, new markets can bring risks and give rise to unforeseen challenges.

MMI is able to evaluate the viability of potential expansion, and ensure that our clients are able to have the most significant impact on communities in need.

We provide extensive, impartial analysis of the costs and benefits arising from a potential expansion or new market entry. We also provide strategy and recommendations for any considered implementation.


However, we’ve also designed SROI methodology, and are venturing into market systems development.


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