what we are all about

Educating students about social impact and changing lives - one project at a time.

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Founded in 2010, The Melbourne Microfinance Initiative (MMI) is the first and largest Australian student-run microfinance organisation providing consulting services to microfinance institutions globally with a vision of having a direct impact on communities in need. We hope to empower individuals to create social change.

At the heart of MMI is our belief in sustainable, real-world social impact. By providing pro-bono consulting services to underserved Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), we aim to solve their organisational challenges and have a tangible impact on improving the lives of underprivileged communities.


Our mission

MMI strives to be the unique feature in every student’s university experience by providing the opportunity to apply their university degree to have a positive social impact.

We connect like-minded students who care about issues of poverty, inequality and global economic development to ignite a community with the desire to make a real difference in our world.

At MMI, we aim to challenge the causes of poverty by bringing together a diverse range of knowledgeable, curious and driven students to perform innovative social impact projects.

To improve the lives of the marginalised by promoting sustainable and inclusive business practices to microfinance institution across the world.

Our values

We are driven to help people.

We embrace the power of microfinance.

We are business-minded and high performing.

We are curious and thoughtful.

We are genuine and honest.

Our goals

  • Social Impact: to have a direct impact on communities in the Asia-Pacific and the world

  • Student Engagement: to empower students with practical knowledge and skills

  • Inspire: to inspire people to take action against poverty and social inequality