Careers in Social Impact

MMI’s 2018 Careers in Social impact was a panel discussion led by senior leaders from both the corporate and social impact space - World Vision, NAB, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, YGAP, and Impact Investment Group. This event gave attendees a deeper insight into the broad range of socially impact driven careers that students can pursue.

The evening began with a Q&A Panel, where participants shared their unique experiences and challenges in their career fields of not-for-profit, development, impact investing, social enterprise and community finance. Representatives talked about their own journey of building a rewarding and enriching career focussed on social impact, which gave students information they needed to help build a career that is not only professionally rewarding, but gives the chance to assist those in need. Students took away valuable action points that they could implement in their university life to make a real difference with their degree.

Following the panel, students were also given a chance to meet with representatives from a wide variety of organisations - with Good Shepherd Microfinance, Nous Group, Vision Australia, The Difference Incubator and Teach for Australia, which provided an excellent opportunity for networking to learn about volunteering and paid opportunities.